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MATERIA, a brand new restaurant

From the shared passion of a young couple, enthusiasts of a refined cuisine and tasteful wines, Restaurant MATERIA, located in the heart of Zurenborg (Dageraadplaats), is born.

A complete culinary experience, with a refined yet not rigid service, fueled by a passion and pursuit of perfection that will be reflected in every dish, is accessible to every lover of good, refined cuisine. You will experience a culinary journey that you will cherish for a long time.

The name is derived from our philosophy of processing raw materials, which we choose and transform with dedication using various processing techniques, enhancing all their properties. Respect for seasonal influences and the pursuit of excellent products contribute to a beautiful story.

At MATERIA, you are welcomed by the friendliness of hostess Melinda and the Italian charm of Gaetano 'il Maître'.
Complex simplicity is the philosophy of Luigi, Chef de cuisine, minimalist, and dreamer. Welcome!


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